Top 4 Must Have App for Stock Market Investment

Top 4 Must Have App for Stock Market Investment


  1. Money Control

The money control app is one of the best APP for checking the stock prices from mobile and managing the movement of the stock market. There are many features in this app some of them are:


  1. Portfolio option for tracking the multiple investment accounts.
  2. My Stock list option to track a list of stock separately.
  3. Easy to manage all different thing from single app i.e stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currency market, stock news, forum & even Live TV.
  4. Available in different languages.
  5. Beautiful interface
  6. Real-time price changing (Available in latest version only).
  7. Best for tracking the Indian stock market.

Due to the above features, the money control app is one of the most popular mobile app among stock market investors and traders.

If you want to download the app then you can do this from here it is available for free on play store. The paid version is also available in which they do not show any advertisement in the app.

The best thing about this app is it is easy to use which is helpful for the user if the user is a beginner in this field.

About Navigation menus and options

If you navigate to any stock then you can easily find all the detail about this stock i.e Bid price, offer price, last trade price, its day trade volume, days high and low, 52 weeks High and low, selected stock current news, its all-day fluctuation graph, its market cap, book value, EPS, face value, Industries PE and much more.

If you will see the Tab options after hitting any stock line then you will notice too many tabs providing important different data which can be very useful before taking any buy or sell decision on that particular stock. for example balance sheet of the past few years, Profit and Loss statement of the company and Shareholding distribution of the stock, management information and much more.

It provides so detailed information that user has no need to go anywhere for any information about any stocks and this is the one of the top reason to consider this app as No. 1 app in stock market field.

Some drawbacks

This app has only one drawback that it crash some time but this is natural due to heavy functionality in the app.

Also, the one thing which users not like about this app is it shows more than normal add for monetizing the app so if you can spend little money on it then this app is a way to go.


  1. Stock Edge

If there is an app which can provide detail analysis of any stock after money control app then it is Stock edge and I am saying this because I personally use it and I love it. It contains some feature which you will not found in money control app then this makes stock edge app unique.

The are mainly two main features in this app which is very useful and money control app does not have it so in order two know this feature you must continue reading this

Unique features

  1. It provides the detailed technical and fundamental analysis of the stock with some very important indicators which give a brief idea of stock valuation which is very helpful in making any buy or sell decision of the stock.
  2. it provides the full detail of shareholding of the stocks including FIIs and DIIs with names which are an important factor if you want to know whether top market players are investing in any particular stock or not.

The above two feature is very useful if you are a long-term investor because not everyone has full information about any stock and in that case, by watching the above information provided by this two feature we can get some idea of the quality of stocks and its valuation level. other than this it also has a clean and nice interface and easy to use.

You can download the app from here

You can find detailed video instruction for using the App feature here.

You can not find the very detailed information of any stock like in money control app but due to its some unique features, this is the best app if you want to analysis the stock on the fundamental and technical level before buying or selling any stock.

  1. Kite By Zerodha

If you ask me to name one app for all tasking including buying and selling of stock also then I will say Kite by zerodha is the best app for tracking and buying and selling the stock in the stock market.

Zerodha is a discount broker and from my point of view, it is the best stock broker available in the market because of its premium service and very nominal brokerage plan. and its app does not provide any detailed information but approx 99% of its user like it because of its awesome interface and design.

some of the key features are

  1. Real-time tracking of stock price
  2. Awesome design and interface
  3. On the spot buying or selling functionality due to attached Demat account.
  4. Live tracking of Profit and loss of holdings
  5. zero brokerage for delivery and only 20/- per trade for interday

The app is free to download from play store which can be downloaded from here


  1. My Stock Portfolio & Widget

This app is useful if you want to make too many portfolios and categories for watching the different sector price at a glance and also it support international stock it is also helpful if you are interested in tracking the stock of new york stock exchange like google, yahoo, GoDaddy etc. The best thing I like about this app is its interface it looks like the terminal.

Some of the key features are

  1. Helpful for beginners who need to just watch too many stock categories in order to gain experience
  2. nice and easy to use interface.
  3. real-time tracking
  4. option for creating too many portfolios

Download the app from here